Network Tools for the iPhone and Mac


Preferences Pane

If you can’t install the RemoteTap preferences pane successfully, or the pane seems to hang, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Remove the RemoteTap preferences pane from System Preferences:

Step 2: Launch “Activity Monitor” located at /Applications/Utilities and look for any entry named “RemoteTapServer”. If there is such an entry, select it and click “Quit Process”.

Step 3: Download the latest RemoteTap preferences pane from . Use your browsers “Reload” function to make sure the latest web site is displayed.

Step 4: Control click (or, right click) on the downloaded file and select "Open With" and then "Archive Utility". This is the OS X built-in unzipper (some 3rd party unzipper might create a faulty extracted file package).

Step 5:
Double click the downloaded and unzipped file RemoteTap.prefPane to install it. When asked, select “Install for this user only” and click “Install”.

Step 6: If the preferences pane still can’t be installed, or seems to hang, contact our support at